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Tricia Hasenclever

Speaker & Humorist


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Raise the Bar & Rise to the Challenge

Do you feel challenged and rewarded in life?

Is your team motivated and enthusiastic?

Are you stretching your limits and reaching for the stars?

If you and your team are stuck in neutral, you need a jumpstart with this seminar.

'Learn with laughter' how to:

  • Set a challenging team goal

  • Raise the bar to just the right height

  • Approach the goal with enthusiasm

  • Have fun while you're doing it!

"The words 'increase productivity' are very clinical and hardly motivating. Raising the bar should be an exciting challenge - relished by the whole team."  Come and 'learn with laughter' how to practice Tricia's philosophy of "if it's mundane - there will be no gain".


Is your Team a Well-Oiled Machine?

Team effort can be an awesome force when the team works as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

Just take a look at the handful of baseball teams that drive for the World Series. In order for that machine to hum, however, all the right parts have to be in the right place.

In this LWL seminar, the focus will be on how to build and maintain a cohesive and motivated team.

'Learn with Laughter how to:

  • Put the right people in the right positions

  • Utilize and maximize each member's unique skills

  • Keep your team motivated and energetic

Take advantage of the synergy created when your team gels together and becomes a dynamic force. "Together Everyone Achieves Miracles!" Come and join Tricia as she shows you how.


Grow & Multiply with Abundance

Do you love what you're doing but you want more people to do it with you?

Are you eager to be a great team leader but you need to build a team to lead?

Can you shoot a cannon off at your organization's meetings and events?

Is each person playing multiple positions on your team?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then this LWL seminar is for you.

You need to 'learn with laughter' how to grow your organization by adding dynamic people to your team.

In this energetic class, you will learn how to:

  • Spread the word enthusiastically not obnoxiously

  • Look for 'eagles' not 'ducks'

  • Attract those 'eagles' to join your team

  • Overcome objections easily not aggressively

  • Recognize what's holding you back

Join Tricia and 'learn with laughter' how to "Build your team and have fun while you're doing it!"



Learn with laughter today and live tomorrow a better way.


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