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Tricia Hasenclever

Speaker & Humorist


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Stress is Funny - Ha! Ha!

Did you know that most serious illnesses are stress related? 

Do you know if you are suffering from the effects of chronic stress?

In this Learn with Laughter' seminar, recently featured in the Toronto Star, you will learn how to identify and cope with your stressors.

We will examine:

  • Why the stress response exists

  • The areas where stress most affects us

  • Some of the effects of unrelieved stress

  • Coping skills to relieve those symptoms

"Stress is serious business and modern stress is at an all time high; all the more reason we need to laugh about it! Through humour we can recognize the damaging effects that stress is having on us and come up with practical yet fun ways of coping."  Come and laugh at stress with Tricia.


Turn your Dreams into Reality

Do the words 'dreams' and 'goals' make you uncomfortable?

Does the thought of goal setting send chills down your spine?

Are you confused by the very concept?

Well, you are not alone.

"When I first entered the world of sales, I was very uncomfortable with the emphasis that was placed on turning your dreams into concrete goals and making them happen. I was also genuinely confused about how people went about setting their goals. Then, lo and behold, some of my dreams started to come true."

In this seminar, Tricia will share with you how becoming comfortable with goal setting helped her to realize many of her dreams. Come 'learn with laughter' how to determine your destination by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and developing a road map to success.


Face your Fears and Forge Ahead

Fear is a common and rampant emotion that's running amok in our lives. Although the fear response was designed to help us survive, in today's society we are overusing it.

In this 'Learn with Laughter' seminar, we will highlight and chuckle at some of our silly fears.

We will take a look at:

  • Where the fear response originated

  • How we heed its' voice too often

  • When the fear is appropriate

  • How to push through the fear and do it anyway!

"Don't let fear become your guideline in life. It can be so misleading and prevent you from fully realizing your potential." Come and help Tricia  Forget Everything About Reality!



Learn with laughter today and live tomorrow a better way.


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