Learn with Laughter

"Practical tips for everyday life combined with laughter. Enjoyable!!"

Deb Hastings

Executive Director

Durham Community

Legal Clinic

"I was entertained and learned some things. Like my co-worker stated, 'I could have stayed and listened to you for hours'."


Elizabeth Allaway

Coordinator of Housing

John Howard Society


I can't remember the last time 

I laughed that (it) brought 

tears to my eyes. 

It felt great!!!"

Olga Oliveira

Corporate Assistant

Dundee Realty Corporation

"Following your very inspirational talk…I received

 a great deal of positive feedback…a most impressive and rewarding experience."

Ray Gilchrist


McDonald's Restaurants

"Humour as a part of a presentation makes it so much more enjoyable. You are a dynamic, interesting speaker. (I) enjoyed the afternoon very much."


Margo Anderson

Vice President

Can. Assoc. Critical Care Nursing, Sask. Chapter

"Fabulous. I felt energized and I left with ideas to take to my workplace as well as my C.A.C.C.N. Chapter."


Joyce MacMullen

Health Services Manager

Canadian Association of

 Critical Care Nursing

"I thought Tricia did an excellent job. She was enlightening, funny and informative. She did a great job explaining the importance of team work and how best to accomplish (building) a good team!"


Michelle Harris


Dundee Realty Corporation

"Very enlightening and put across in a lighthearted manner."

Sharon Gagnon

Office Manager

Durham Community

Legal Clinic

"Your presentation…was both enlightening and informative.

 Your previous life experiences certainly assisted you in reaching 

a very tough to reach audience…'refreshing' and 'humourous' were just some of the words used to describe your lecture..." 

Michael Fenwick

Staff Sergeant

Toronto Police Services

"Absolutely excellent.

Enthusiastic, clear, funny."

Cecilia Hyslop

Clinical Nurse Educator

Sick Children's Hospital

"Your upbeat approach was 

down to earth and 

very practical."

Margaret McCaffrey

Health Educator 

York Region Health Services



Sharon Knight-John

Seminar Attendee

"It taught me a lot about the different people in my life."

Rhonda VanderLinde

Community Legal Worker

Durham Community

Legal Clinic

"(I enjoyed it) very much.

 Very realistic and relatable."

Vanessa Ambrosoni


 Citizenship and Immigration Canada

"I enjoyed it immensely.

Wonderful presentation!

Excellent presenter!"

Maxine Alexander

Seminar Attendee

"I always have enjoyed your presentations. I hope you come again."


Francine O'Toole


American Express

"It was great!"

"Extremely enjoyable."


Suzanne, Audrey & Rhonda Assessment Officers

Legal Aid Ontario




Expert Women Who Speak...Speak Out!

Volume 4

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