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Tricia Hasenclever

Speaker & Humourist


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Keep your Customers Coming Back for More

Do you want happy customers spreading the good news about your business?

Would you like your volume of business to increase?

Is your repeat business volume where it should be?

In this LWL seminar, you will learn how easy and simple it is to build great customer relations.

Come and 'learn with laughter':

  • How a friendly approach can increase business

  • How to develop a 'be of service' attitude

  • How a follow-up plan of action keeps them coming back for more

  • Practical tips to help you promote your business with low cost ideas

"Common sense is the foundation that successful businesses are built upon and too many are missing  that simple concept." Come and join Tricia and take the common sense approach to customer service.


The Rooster & The Hen: Birds of a Different Feather

Is there trouble in your barnyard?

Are you pecking each other to death?

Has your pasture become a battleground?

Or would you just like to understand each other better?

In this LWL seminar, you will learn while laughing:

  • How to 'laugh not clash' over the differences between the sexes

  • That many of those differences are hardwired into our brain

  • How to bring peace and harmony to your barnyard

"One of the greatest challenges we have is to live and work with people who think and act totally different from ourselves - the opposite sex!" Come and laugh with Tricia and learn how to get along better with the roosters or hens in your life!



Learn with laughter today and live tomorrow a better way.


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Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Member of the International Federation For Professional Speakers

Member of Toastmasters International

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