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Tricia Hasenclever

Speaker & Humorist


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Communication: So Easy yet So Hard

"As humans, we are capable of very sophisticated forms of communication. Yet most of us find it very difficult to be honest with others about our feelings. Ironically, quite often, the closer we are to someone, the more difficult it becomes to talk to them."

In this LWL seminar, we're going to take a gentle and humourous look at the difficulties we have in communicating our thoughts and feelings clearly.

We'll examine:

  • Why it seems hard not easy

  • How we can overcome those self-protective barriers

  • The advantages to communicating your feelings with honesty and tact

Come and laugh with Tricia and learn how to make talking about your feelings seem natural and comfortable.


Don't Bore Them - Excite Them!

Is snoozing a common pastime at your presentations?

Are you overcome with nerves at the thought of speaking in front of your peers?

Have you run out of ways to keep your meetings interesting?

In this fun and interactive LWL seminar, you will learn tips on:

  • How to keep the audience's attention and interest

  • Feeling more relaxed and comfortable in front of people

  • Putting the sizzle into your meetings

"There's nothing more devastating than the feeling that you're boring your audience to sleep. You don't have to be a professional speaker to avoid that pitfall. Just a few simple techniques can make all the difference." Tricia will teach you how to never bore them again!



Learn with laughter today and live tomorrow a better way.


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